Thursday, 5 November 2009

How to protect your HTML and PHP Source Code from theft

As a web designer now there are many reasons, you may want to start considering the safety of HTML or PHP source code as a software programmer or website owner. Several related reasons are:

1. Email Address theft - you wonder how you get SPAM emails, even if you are already very aware NOT to subscribe to anything, but still come your way? One reason could be that you have the EMAIL link on the website. Harvest with email software available (even for a free trial) anyone can harvest your email address directly from your website automatically.
2. Figure Theft - Most average users realize that you can right click the image on a web site and download to their own computers. This is common knowledge for most internet users and webmasters.
3. Return URL - For a credit card processing companies (such as PAYPAL and EGOLD) it is possible to see the source of web pages and look back (thanks to the purchase) page, where you can directly go to the URL, click on the link to download the device software without paying for it
4. Website Layout - If a webmaster likes your site, they can save out the page (and structure) and edit their own HTML editor software and claim the layout design for themselves
5. PHP Scripts - If you have a very good script (which is written in PHP) and you need to send it to someone, they can easily view your PHP script to see how you do it. They can then copy or rewrite the code a bit and call it their own or use it for their own software and PHP scripts.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider encrypting your web pages or source code. Encryption of web pages and source code became more and more popular and in the future will become an absolute necessity. Now we can see a huge market (the web) from the HTML encryption software that allows you to protect your source code from dismantling the eye. Although HTML encryption is not 100% safe, effective enough to prevent most users and act as a good deterrent, because not everyone has the time to decipher an encrypted HTML source just for fun.

Fortunately, the technology for encryption is easy for PHP to work on the server side and very difficult to destroy. In the market, now there are various PHP encryptors available (at prices vary) which allows you to encrypt all of your source code (and the HTML output you) that it's almost unreadable to humans, but still functional for the computer.

If you are a PHP developer and create your own scripts, so that you are obliged to encrypt your scripts before distribution. If you do not, you risk your code has been stolen, modified, or copied imitated. All it takes is one hacker or experienced programmers to "Learn" from your code, make a few modifications of their own and bring their own "version" of the software with another name. This can cause serious problems and problems ruin your own market because you have contributed to creating a competitor.

If your script exclusive or unique then you should encrypt your code to protect your intellectual property. It's like creating a secret recipe on how to cook your favorite meal, then you post the recipe at the local supermarket bulletin board for everyone to see (sounds ridiculous right?). If you value your job at all, then you should seriously consider protecting and encrypting it!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Develop PHP to get the best quality

The development of the world is very fast and sophisticated, so we have to compete in this life. In this case we can be a PHP developer. PHP is one of the best scripting language. PHP Development getting more and more attention from day to day. PHP is very effective to apply and easy to use because it is open source
. For the remaining challenges in front of the world development Outsourcing can be the best solution.

Lots of web development company that leases employees to develop a web in a company.

Small and medium sized businesses run a tight budget. So to get the best caliber in the impact of affordable prices, outsourcing is the key. Some of the best outsourcing company providing quality Rightway solution developmentand Web development software in affordable price. You crapper outsourcing for each category include the development schemes, covering Enterprise development, portal development, website development real estate. PHP increasingly become popular in the construction industry scheme as an open source server-side scripting module that helps to develop dynamic Web sites and create a scheme application.

If you are looking for a good cheap sound and technically talented PHP Programmer Outsourcing is the best way to effectively finished. Offshore IT staff is getting more and more popular. PHP provides support to various databases including the popular as MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Solid, Generic ODBC, PostgreSQL, etc. Programming PHP function can be changed according to the needs of every business. In addition to developing PHP websites crapper be used to develop the Enterprise shopping cart solutions with Content Management System (CMS).

Open Source PHP is the best in Joomla. Joomla website development is very easy and saves time. People can easily make a direct web using joomla koneten management system. So, when you are planning to build applications that companies are encouraged to use Joomla as a CMS because it is open source that can be adjusted in accordance with our needs.

Profit web development with PHP

Website is a must for an online business presence. There are many ways to build a static HTML websites, flash websites and so on. But there is fierce competition when comes to building an attractive web site and make it function properly. But, PHP is one of the language most widely accepted in creating Web sites. While the demand for web development using programming languages increases, cost-effective way to do it, are looking for. Outsourcing manufacturing needs of the web is one way that benefits and cost savings necessary to get a job.

By outsourcing PHP web development needs, one can save a lot of development costs of a website. But what concerns most of the companies in the outsourcing business needs is the quality of service. These fears have proved unfounded for several reasons. First, many overseas companies have proven their worthiness by giving a good output. Employees in foreign countries now also exposed to the practices of the global market and has a high level of professional business ethics. In addition, PHP is fairly simple coding language. Lots of expert programmers in overseas markets.

Today's so many people who can PHP programming. Lately, many foreign companies have to offer staff augmentation services through which you can outsource the entire web site for the project development team of experts. There is also the option to rent a PHP web developer from offshore destination and hire him or until the completion of certain projects. Flexible as outsourcing program has opened a new path in cost effective website development outsourcing.

Web Server in the CD with ampstart and xampplite

Have you ever wondered how to run a dynamic information system using php pemrogaman language in cd / dvd whether the company profile, catalog of products / services of a company, or anything else about the web-based information systems that must have been in need of a web
servers in the cd. Actually there are several ways you can do in order to run the php-based information systems and mysql in the cd, such as using scripts xampplite and autorun.inf, but that so the problem is how to run a full Internet browser with a URL and when user enter webservernya cd into the cd roomnya . Actually not a problem for those of you who understand a little batch programming, and then compiling them into a batch. Exe to be run automatically by the autorun.inf. But there is another problem such as how to make a webserver automatically stop when the internet browser on the close? Or how to make the web server stops automatically when the user to eject cd? There was a problem of course is no solution. Whatever the problem must be a solution.

Actually there has been little tools that can integrate with web servers such xampplite portable. Namely ampstart. With the ampstart integrated with xampp lite you can run your information system created automatically by the CD media. Ampstart features include:

* Running Apache and Mysql automatically
* Can be run outside of Apache service port 80
* Open the Internet browser complete with automatic URL
* Can do eject CD / DVD as a web server in the stop
* Automatic Stop the web server when the browser in close
* Support for PDO
* Etc ...

Needs to be done in order to run a web server in the cd are as follows:
Download portablenya first first xammp

Then please do extract in your directory, the author uses the directory D: \ xampplite
which in this directory there are files such as controlling xampp lite:


The next step in advance download ampstartnya

then put a directory with the files controlling the earlier xampp lite.

To test whether or not to walk this ampstart please double click. There will be ampstart's splash screen, then ampstart will appear as icons on the traybar.
You can reconfigure in order to run ampstart browser with localhostnya url automatically. Right-click the icon ampstart in traybar then select AmpStart in the editor.

Just a note, to be able to automatically open the url please fill the sub URL on the homepage,
for example: to open the url http://localhost/joomla/index.php automatically, simply fill Home Page with joomla / index.php only.

After that save and close.
The final step is to prepare one named Autorun.inf file and then open the file with notepad and the contents therein:

open = AMPstart.exe
icon = ico.ico

Save and then put a directory with files ampstart and controlling xammp.
Yes, everything has been done prepared. The last step is burning all the files into the cd. Room to read a CD autorun.inf and automatically run ampstart which will then be able to run the apache web server plus mysqlnya, and Internet browser automatically. Good try.

Thank you.

The program uses PHP programming in the industry contracts

PHP was originally created for the initial creation of dynamic websites. While at first PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, the main implementation of PHP is now produced by the PHP Group and serves to PHP because there is no formal specification. PHP is free software released under the PHP License and are widely used general-purpose scripting language especially suited for Web development and can be inserted into the HTML. Typically runs on a web server, which is configured to take PHP code as input and create content for web pages as output. This can be used on most web servers and on almost any operating system and platform free of charge. PHP installed many around the world.
PHP itself is a server side programming language and is used by software developers to build dynamic web pages and to develop a textual user interface. As a programming language is used in different segments when developing a professional website. With the help of PHP code we can develop a synergistic, and the money that could create a website.

Custom web development, web development using PHP-based database, web site with dynamic pages the core aspects of the PHP programming language. Custom PHP programming can be applied in several areas such as Web development

1. Shopping Carts
2. Back end Administration Panels
3. Banner ads and management
4. Product catalog
5. Membership management
6. Blogs Management
7. Feedback form
8. Web content management
9. Visitor Tracking
10. Mailing System
11. Event Calendar
12. Forums and message boards

PHP itself is a server side programming language and is used by software developers to build dynamic web pages and to develop a textual user interface. As a programming language is used in different segments when developing a professional website. With the help of PHP code we can develop a synergistic, and the money that could create a website.

excess of the PHP programming language

1. PHP code platform independent so it can run on (almost) every platform.
2. Various HTTP server interface.
3. PHP is an extensible language by nature.
4. Some of the accessibility of databases such as My-SQL, MS SQL, Oracle, etc.
5. PHP programming syntax similar to C and C + +, so easily understood by programmers.
6. Interface for ease of writing other libraries
7. PHP is Open Source, so that the expensive cost of registration is not needed here.

Advantages of PHP Programming

1. To provide structural design PHP to generate rapid application development
2. Compatible with a variety of servers such as IIS and Apache.
3. PHP code can run on major operating systems like Windows, Linux and Unix, etc.
4. Quick, reliable, stable, easy to understand and high performance programming language
5. PHP has a strong output buffering systems.
6. PHP programming can be used in a large number of relational database management systems.
7. Offers flexibility during and after the initial project for PHP programmers.
8. PHP provides fast execution of complex application solutions.
9. PHP is a versatile programming language supported on most web servers.

Finally, PHP is an open source language and we can access the code freely. This can be easily installed and we do not need to pay thousands of dollars for registration. The latest version of PHP PHP5 really very friendly and truly object-oriented programmers.

PHP is an opportunity for the world of IT

What is PHP?

PHP is a language: PHP is an open-source general-purpose scripting language especially suited for Web development and can be inserted into the HTML. Become a powerful, server-side language provides many functions. PHP has become very popular and there is great demand the same for various uses on the web.

PDF and MySQL: It is highly interactive and allows you to generate PDF documents easily. PHP has been used more and more with My SQL - a very trendy, widely available, command-driven relational database query language - to produce a useful and powerful web applications, such as search engines and random fact generator. What technologies are used PHP to support all that?

PHP development service generally most of the benefits of the LAMP (Linux operating system; Apache Web server; My SQL database management system or database server; Perl, PHP, Python scripting / programming language).

What industries benefit from the development of PHP work?

Professional PHP has several clients from various industries including Retail, Telecommunications, and Travel etc. already use our services in the past and ensure their total satisfaction. PHP Programming is usually used as an alternative to ASP Programming, ASP.NET Planning and Development Cold fusion. What is the main criteria for getting a job in the PHP market? Especially the programmers have at least a bachelor and master's most 'degree from the University IT recognized by at least 2 + years of experience. They continue to experience in many fields such as dynamic web site development, database management, project management and security etc.

The most basic knowledge for PHP developers?

of having knowledge in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, etc. They are a must for proper implementation of the PHP function. PHP Development Benefits:

Reduce IT Costs: Reduce IT costs with gainful PHP & My SQL database application development, thus leading to higher ROI for your business. Increasing the profitability of an organization: Increase your organization's profitability and insight into business trends by building high-performance data warehouse applications in PHP & My SQL.

Minimizing Operating Costs: Minimize operating costs by creating automated application development system to improve the manual process.

Broad Platform Support: PHP & MySQL supports most popular platform consisting of Linux, Embedded Linux, Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Mac OS X, QNX, Novell Net ware etc.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Articles on PHP template recognition by Smarty

Is Smarty it? Smarty is a template engine for PHP. If more detailed,
Smarty provides facilities to manage the separation of application logic and content
of presentation. This is well illustrated in which the application programmer
and designers have a different role, where in most cases not
is the same person. For example, suppose you create a web page
which displays a newspaper article.

Article title, author and body are content elements, they do not contain
information on how they will be represented. They were transferred to Smarty
by the application and the template designer template editing and using a combination
HTML tags and template tags to format the presentation of these elements (table
HTML, background color, font size, style sheets). Then one day a programmer
need to change how the contents of the article obtained. This change does not affect
template designer, because the contents of the article can be obtained on the template as
previously. Then just as if the template designer to change design
the application logic does not need to be changed at all,

Unique mechanism of Smarty is the template compiling process. This means
Smarty template file read and create PHP scripts from it. Once they
made, they will run so there is no waste of time and resources
power for template parsing for each request. Templates can also take advantage
PHP compiler cache advantages such as Zend Accelerator or PHP Accelerator.

Some advantages and facilities Smarty:

- Very fast

- Efficient because the program is processed as usual by PHP PHP Parser

- There is no template parsing because it is compiled only once

- Smart because recompilation happens automatically when the template file changes

- You can create own functions and variable modifiers, so the use of their own
template can be developed more extensive

- Syntax template that can be configured, you can use (), {{}},

- Structure of if / elseif / else / endif dipass to the PHP parser, so the expression (if ..)
can be used in simple or complex shapes

- No restrictions-story section

- We can insert PHP code in template files, although this may
not required

- Facilities built in caching

- Arbitrary template sources

- Cache handling function that can be made alone

- Architecture plugin

Further information can be obtained at