Thursday, 5 November 2009

How to protect your HTML and PHP Source Code from theft

As a web designer now there are many reasons, you may want to start considering the safety of HTML or PHP source code as a software programmer or website owner. Several related reasons are:

1. Email Address theft - you wonder how you get SPAM emails, even if you are already very aware NOT to subscribe to anything, but still come your way? One reason could be that you have the EMAIL link on the website. Harvest with email software available (even for a free trial) anyone can harvest your email address directly from your website automatically.
2. Figure Theft - Most average users realize that you can right click the image on a web site and download to their own computers. This is common knowledge for most internet users and webmasters.
3. Return URL - For a credit card processing companies (such as PAYPAL and EGOLD) it is possible to see the source of web pages and look back (thanks to the purchase) page, where you can directly go to the URL, click on the link to download the device software without paying for it
4. Website Layout - If a webmaster likes your site, they can save out the page (and structure) and edit their own HTML editor software and claim the layout design for themselves
5. PHP Scripts - If you have a very good script (which is written in PHP) and you need to send it to someone, they can easily view your PHP script to see how you do it. They can then copy or rewrite the code a bit and call it their own or use it for their own software and PHP scripts.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider encrypting your web pages or source code. Encryption of web pages and source code became more and more popular and in the future will become an absolute necessity. Now we can see a huge market (the web) from the HTML encryption software that allows you to protect your source code from dismantling the eye. Although HTML encryption is not 100% safe, effective enough to prevent most users and act as a good deterrent, because not everyone has the time to decipher an encrypted HTML source just for fun.

Fortunately, the technology for encryption is easy for PHP to work on the server side and very difficult to destroy. In the market, now there are various PHP encryptors available (at prices vary) which allows you to encrypt all of your source code (and the HTML output you) that it's almost unreadable to humans, but still functional for the computer.

If you are a PHP developer and create your own scripts, so that you are obliged to encrypt your scripts before distribution. If you do not, you risk your code has been stolen, modified, or copied imitated. All it takes is one hacker or experienced programmers to "Learn" from your code, make a few modifications of their own and bring their own "version" of the software with another name. This can cause serious problems and problems ruin your own market because you have contributed to creating a competitor.

If your script exclusive or unique then you should encrypt your code to protect your intellectual property. It's like creating a secret recipe on how to cook your favorite meal, then you post the recipe at the local supermarket bulletin board for everyone to see (sounds ridiculous right?). If you value your job at all, then you should seriously consider protecting and encrypting it!


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