Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Web Server in the CD with ampstart and xampplite

Have you ever wondered how to run a dynamic information system using php pemrogaman language in cd / dvd whether the company profile, catalog of products / services of a company, or anything else about the web-based information systems that must have been in need of a web
servers in the cd. Actually there are several ways you can do in order to run the php-based information systems and mysql in the cd, such as using scripts xampplite and autorun.inf, but that so the problem is how to run a full Internet browser with a URL and when user enter webservernya cd into the cd roomnya . Actually not a problem for those of you who understand a little batch programming, and then compiling them into a batch. Exe to be run automatically by the autorun.inf. But there is another problem such as how to make a webserver automatically stop when the internet browser on the close? Or how to make the web server stops automatically when the user to eject cd? There was a problem of course is no solution. Whatever the problem must be a solution.

Actually there has been little tools that can integrate with web servers such xampplite portable. Namely ampstart. With the ampstart integrated with xampp lite you can run your information system created automatically by the CD media. Ampstart features include:

* Running Apache and Mysql automatically
* Can be run outside of Apache service port 80
* Open the Internet browser complete with automatic URL
* Can do eject CD / DVD as a web server in the stop
* Automatic Stop the web server when the browser in close
* Support for PDO
* Etc ...

Needs to be done in order to run a web server in the cd are as follows:
Download portablenya first first xammp

Then please do extract in your directory, the author uses the directory D: \ xampplite
which in this directory there are files such as controlling xampp lite:


The next step in advance download ampstartnya

then put a directory with the files controlling the earlier xampp lite.

To test whether or not to walk this ampstart please double click. There will be ampstart's splash screen, then ampstart will appear as icons on the traybar.
You can reconfigure in order to run ampstart browser with localhostnya url automatically. Right-click the icon ampstart in traybar then select AmpStart in the editor.

Just a note, to be able to automatically open the url please fill the sub URL on the homepage,
for example: to open the url http://localhost/joomla/index.php automatically, simply fill Home Page with joomla / index.php only.

After that save and close.
The final step is to prepare one named Autorun.inf file and then open the file with notepad and the contents therein:

open = AMPstart.exe
icon = ico.ico

Save and then put a directory with files ampstart and controlling xammp.
Yes, everything has been done prepared. The last step is burning all the files into the cd. Room to read a CD autorun.inf and automatically run ampstart which will then be able to run the apache web server plus mysqlnya, and Internet browser automatically. Good try.

Thank you.


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  7. Hi, This is very useful article. but my problem is when i run AMPstart.exe, its showing "This application has failed to start because php_pdo.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem". Can anyone pls help me to fix this bug.